Overeating on Keto

The ketogenic diet is the best diet plan out there to help with major and also minor health problems but also there is something about this diet plan that a lot of people either ignore or do not pay attention to it and that is why overcoming overeating problems. Now, overeating is a very sedentary and ordinary problem that every person comes through. When especially you are on a diet plan like keto which is quite restrictive, overeating is also one of the things that happen as you are going through physical and mental change.


But with the right motivation and perfect keto diet plan, you will not only be going to control this eating problem but also going to overcome it permanently. This is not just some kind of assumption or claim but a lot of studies and researches have shown this practice practically which makes the dieter more confident with the keto diet.

Overeating on Keto

Overeating on keto happens when you feel like the meal plan and portion size are not enough for you or you feel hungry even after the meal but that is mostly because you are triggered that you are eating nothing and you want to eat more. But the thing that you need to understand here is that that keto meal sizes and nutrient percentages are according to your body’s requirement and it is best for you. Also, if you eat, any more than this food then it is going to affect you negatively and also going to disturb the keto diet.

What Happens When You Overeat On the Keto Diet?

Overeating on the keto diet is very common and also a major problem when you first start the keto diet because you are new to the diet plan and you do not know what to do and how to deal with things.


So, when you overeat especially when you are doing intermittent fasting with the keto diet all are going to do is disturb the whole diet mechanism and ketosis process. Now you overeat because you think that you are only going to eat very little food so there are higher chances that you will starve that is why you just stuff yourself with a lot of food. But when you overeat on the keto diet, you feel sick and nausea because it disrupts the ketosis process and in return, it causes negative impacts on your body so the better way to deal with it is to keep a log or chart on which you will write what you have felt after the overeating and that will stop you from overeating the next time. So, what happens when you overeat is that

  • It will disturb your sleep pattern
  • You will feel grouchy and bloated
  • You will crave more sugar and carbs
  • It causes a spike in insulin levels
  • It causes inflammation in the body
  • It also makes your metabolism slower which is not good for the diet plan.
  • It can cause you digestion problems

Although it is very easy to overeat or do unconscious eating on the keto diet it is not good for the diet plan as well as for your well-being but the silver lining here is that you can control this problem easily and get recovered from overeating smoothly.

Difference between Binge Eating Disorder and Stress Eating Disorder?

Both of these eating disorders are very common nowadays and a lot of people experience them at some point in their lives. Also, these eating disorders are very negligible which means that you may have it but you are not aware of them and keto diet studies have also shown higher percentages of dieters who go through these disorders during their keto journey so cause them to overeat on the diet plan.

Binge eating disorder causes when you eat a huge amount of food when you are not even hungry and eat to a point that it starts to hurt you or make you comfortable, also after eating you feel shame about overeating. The main reasons behind this disorder are quite a few like genetics, emotional breakdown, depression, phobias, binge eating habits, change in brain functions, or complexity about body size and image. This overeating disorder can lead to other health problems and also make things worse for you. On the keto diet, you may also go through this problem but eventually, with the correct keto diet, you are going to overcome it.


Stress eating, on the other hand, is less harmful than binge eating disorder because you do not eat a lot but you eat without being hungry. You do stress eating when you try to cope with an emotional or stressful condition as the food provides you with comfort and a better feeling. But it Is not good for the health and also for the diet plan.

Is Overeating a Whole Mental Thing?

Often registered dietitians and doctors say that overeating is more of a mentality than a physical eating disorder. The reason behind this statement is that when people overeat most of the time, they are not even hungry, they just eat because they cannot stop thinking about it and as a result, you overfill yourself which is not accurate for the keto diet, not even then when you are munching on healthy snacks because excess of anything is bad for health whether it is nutritional or not. More overly a body needs, we mostly overeat because it is our emotional choice to overcome our stresses or cravings.

Another thing is that when you follow the keto diet correctly and with the proper guidelines you will not going to face this problem however in the starting it is going to be tough for you but eventually you will not only get habited of it but also very satisfied with the diet serving portions and meals. Scheduling your keto meals and snacks at a specific time is a very prominent step in the diet plan as it helps you to regulates the eating pattern and also saves you from overeating or binge eating.

How to Control Overeating on a Ketogenic Diet?

Now to control overeating on the keto diet, firstly you should know what causing the problem so that you can deal with the root cause which makes the process and result permanent and effective.

Low bile production

When you consume a keto meal and after that, you still feel hungry or have a craving which mainly causes you to overeat a snack, now the core problem here is That your body is not producing enough bile which is not letting the fat substances get absorbed in the body which is causing the hunger issues. The answer to this problem is that you can take a bile tablet after consuming a meal but make sure to first consult with your doctor or dietitian so that they can prescribe you the right one.

Low B1 vitamin levels

The B1 vitamin deficiency is often a major cause of hunger and overeating issues on the keto diet. After all, this vitamin has a connection with brain hormones that control hunger so when you have a deficiency of this which lets you overeat on the diet plan because you are not feeling satisfied with the meal you just have.

To overcome this issue just consume more vitamin B1-rich foods and also you can take B1 supplements on the diet.

Binge eating disorder

This is the most cause behind overeating, sometimes people have this problem without even noticing but it is very common because we keep on eating a lot of snacks in our daily routine which let us to a problem. After all, it is not healthy.

The best way to deal with it is to be a focus on the diet plan and eat according to it without any kind of cheating.


More Tips to Control Overeating on a Keto Diet Plan

Here are few tips that you can follow to control overeating on the keto diet plan:

  • Give a try at mindfulness practices and meditations as it will help you with being focus and also to calm yourself.
  • Get good sleep as it makes you more relaxed and also gives you more energy
  • Exercise and physical activities can be very helpful because they enhance your mood, anxiety problems and also promotes weight loss.
  • Keep reminding yourself that you are on a diet and also why you are doing this as it gives you more motivation to deal with the issues.
  • Follow the keto diet plan and portion sizes precisely so that your body can get synced with them.
  • Keep a food log or journal, so that you exactly know how to deal with and identify personal triggers when trying to control overeating.

Does the Keto Diet Help to Overcome Cravings and Hunger Issues Over Time?

Keto diet is a very phenomenal diet program because its long-term benefits are just amazing, some people when they first start the keto diet, make a lot of accusations like being hungry all the time and not feeling good. But it is just because your body is making the transition from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism because in that time the whole body including enzyme structures, processes, cell equilibrium, and the mechanism is changing according to the new ketosis metabolism.

So, during that time, you will feel some side effects like keto flu, which are very temporary and easy to recover from. However, the more beneficial thing about this entire scenario is that once your body is adapted to ketosis then you will overcome all the eating problems like cravings, hunger issues, and binge eating as your appetite will be so much satisfied with the keto meals and serving portions that these disorders will not be a problem for you ever.

So, yes keto diet does help to overcome the cravings and hunger issues over time.


Overeating on keto is a real problem that dieters face on the diet and obviously, it is something that you must deal with it so that you can get the right and effective results from the keto diet. However, you can control this problem easily with different tips and tricks, and eventually, with the keto diet, you will overcome overeating permanently which is one of the greatest perks of this diet.

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