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The keto diet is not only just a health trend or a diet that you take up for few months but people are giving it much more important than that and also it is a huge part of medical researches and studies. With the advancement in the medical society, the keto diet is also evolving some Keto calculators can help you with calculating the best macronutrient percentages for your personalized keto diet plan. This article is a complete guide and elaboration to the free keto calculator app and format so that a dieter can have the benefits of it.


What is a keto Calculator?

A keto calculator is a type of format and program that helps you to find the proper macronutrient ratios for your keto diet plan. It lists out the carbohydrates, proteins, and fat percentages that you will consume each day for every single meal. The best thing about a keto calculator is that it is not something that gives you an average percentage but it provides you the macros percentages that are according to your body requirements and ones that will suits you the best. The keto calculator asks you about your weight, height, activity level, age, gender, BMI, BMR. so that it can provide the information that is according to your body. The macro ratios calculated by the keto calculator will help your body to be in the ketosis state perfectly. Checkout our free Keto calculator here and Calorie calculator here


The keto calculator also enables you to set your body goals like you want to lose weight or you want to maintain the weight. so that the data will be according to your body goals. Keto calculator figures out everything for you to get the effective and best results and all you have to do is to follow the diet correctly and also according to the information the keto calculator provides you.

What Information Does a Keto Calculator Need?

The keto calculator needs the person’s information such as age, gender, weight, height, activity habits. and a lot more so that the app can process what according to the person body’s requirement and so that it can provide the macro ratios and keto plan that is best suited to you. Here are the things a keto calculator needs for your keto plan:

Personal data

The first thing that the keto calculator will ask for is your details which are your age, weight, height, and gender. By this information, the app will find out your BMI and BMR which will tell you how much energy in calories you need per day, the age matters because with increasing age the body composition changes, and lastly, gender is essential because there is a major difference between man and woman regarding body fat percentage.

Physical activity level

The next thing is your activity level like are you physically active or not and how many times you do that per week so, that the calculator finds out your total daily energy expenditure which is the count of calories you burn per day, so it will calculate the calories you need to cover the energy expenditure.

Weight goal

The Keto calculator will ask for your weight goal like you want to lose or to maintain the existing weight and then decide the calorie deficit value according to your weight goal.

Macronutrient calculations

Lastly, the calculator will ask for your body fat percentage which you can easily found out by using a DEXA method or online fat percentage calculators, . This will help you get the perfect amount of fat nutrient in your diet without gaining weight. After this, you will determine the protein ratio for your body in which you will determine the lean body mass excluded the body fat so that the calculator provides you with perfect protein intake ratios for the diet plan. The only thing that is left is to put the carb amount that you want to consume on the keto diet which should be between 20 to 50 grams.

The keto calculator takes this entire input and formulates the best macro ratios for your weight goal which is exactly according to your body type and requirements.

What is the Best Free Keto Calculator App?

There are a lot of great free keto calculator apps available that you download from the play store or app store without paying anything, choosing one out of them all is very hard but here is a list of the top 5 free keto calculator apps that you can use during your keto experience:

  • Chronometer
  • Keto diet tracker
  • Total keto diet
  • Carb manager
  • Keto Diet

These are the best ones and they will provide you with perfect knowledge and understanding about the diet plan. After using one of these apps, you will eat the keto meals that are perfect in macro percentages and just according to the keto nature.

How do I Manually Calculate Keto Macros?

Yes, it is entirely possible to calculate your keto macros manually, although it is a little bit hard than doing on a keto calculator app some people want to do it for self-learning and also to know about their bodies a little more closely. So, there are five main steps that you need to follow for calculating the macro percentages for the keto diet manually:

  • Firstly, you need to know about your calorie intake like how much your body needs which you can measure by finding out the BMR of your body.
  • Then, calculate your body’s protein requirement by multiplying 0.8 to your body weight and you can also increase or decrease it according to your physical activity.
  • Lastly, you have to know about your body fat percentage to know exactly how much fat you need without gaining extra weight
  • You will decide your carb intake which should be between 20 to 50 grams.
  • You will multiply all the carb, protein, and fat values with your daily calorie intake and then divide it by 100. And you will have the keto macros for your diet plan.

In this way, you can manually calculate the keto macros.


How you can Track Down the Best Macronutrient Percentage for Y?

The optimum way of finding the perfect macronutrient percentage for yourself is to know about your daily calorie intake because if the macros are less than that it can cause weakness and starvation to a person and if you overdo then you can ruin the keto diet. There are a few calculations and measurements that you need for your daily calorie intake which are:

  • BMR is the basal metabolic rate that tells you about calorie intake according to your weight, height, age, and gender.
  • TDEE which is total daily energy expenditure which is applicable especially when you an active lifestyle like you do some workout routine or another cardio training. So, that you know how much more calories you need to fill in the calories burned for the expenditure.
  • You should also know about your body fat percentage and lean body mass so that you can have the macronutrient for the keto diet according to your body.
  • You should also consider that your weight goal also matters a lot because if you want to lose weight then the app will give you the macro ratios according to it and the macro ratios for maintaining weight are going to differ from the ones of weight loss.
  • Lastly you need to calculate your protein, fat, and carbohydrate intakes for tracking the best ratios for the ketogenic diet.

What Should be my Macros for Keto?

So, we all know that keto is a diet plan which mainly concentrates on macronutrients which are proteins, carbs, and fats. The diet prefers a meal plan which is high in fat, low in carb, and moderate in protein intake. You also have the individual percentages for each macro that is compulsory. Following questions with their answers will tell you about what should be your macros for keto:

How much protein do I need a day on the keto calculator?

On the Keto diet, protein levels are in the range of 15 to 10 percent per day, so it can be increased or decreased depending on the individual’s needs. Chicken, beef, fatty fish, eggs, hard cheeses, goat meat, green leafy vegetables, and emulsified oils are the best sources of protein for the keto diet.

How many carbs should I limit myself to on keto?

The keto diet prefers a very low carb intake which should be between 5 to 10 % per day and you cannot increase it because if you do so you can stop the ketosis process which is not good for the keto results. More overly it is very easy to overdo the carbohydrates on the diet plan so always choose the food sources that are natural, organic, and very low in carb rations such as vegetables, berries, .


How much fat should I consume on the keto diet?

The fat percentage should be between 65 to 70 % per day and it is very important to maintain so that your body gets enough energy for functioning and processing. And it is one of the common mistakes that people make on the keto diet that they get scared from this much fat but you should know that the fat you are consuming is healthy and nutritional for the human body. The best food sources are fatty fish, healthy oils such as coconut oil, MCT oil, nut and seeds, avocado.

How Does the Keto Calculator Help You with the Diet Plan?

The following are the benefits that a keto calculator provides you with the diet plan:

  • It gives the perfect macro percentages and serving portions for the keto meals.
  • Provide convenience for the meal planning in the diet
  • It helps you to keep in the ketosis state by enabling you to consume meals that are according to the diet guidelines.
  • The keto calculator app saves a lot of your time in calculating the macros before every meal.
  • The best thing about this app is that it provides you the keto macro ratios that are according to your body.


A free keto calculator is one of the best assistances in the keto diet plan as it helps you with the major concern of the diet plan that is macronutrient ratios and all you have to do is to follow it correctly for the best results.

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