Is Keto safe for Vegans? How to Do it & What to Eat

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KETO for Vegans

While some people stop consuming meat because of concerns about climate change or animal rights, others prefer a vegan lifestyle because they find it healthier.

However, vegan diets are standard for anyone with diabetes or metabolism who choose to manage the disease without medications and consume more cereals, legumes, and starchy vegetables.

But, people often find themselves hungry and unable to lose weight if they adopt a low-fat vegetarian way of eating. That is because they do not follow the correct techniques and methods of a vegan Keto Diet.

Therefore, it can be attractive to those who would like to avoid meat but still benefit from the ketogenic life or a Keto Vegetarian diet. It is worth noting that some essential fats, specific vitamins, and minerals may become deficient in protein with a vegetarian keto diet.

However, what sort of vegetarian diet you consume and the amount of food you consume will also depend on your risk for nutrient deficiencies. The less your diet is, the more likely it is that one or more deficiencies may develop.

So in this article, we will determine if Vegans can go for Keto Diet or not.


Which Vegan Diet is Good for KETO?

First, we have to determine which type of vegan diet is suitable to get in Ketosis.

A vegan diet usually consists of grains, vegetables, and seeds to avoid all animal products to receive the necessary amino acids that their bodies need. Many of them contain too many carbs for a keto diet, typically limited to 20 grams of net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) per day.

In most vegan diets, Keto can be incorporated. Most liberal forms of veganism naturally permit a broader range of food options so that food can be more enjoyable.

Also, a vegan keto solution, while much more complicated, is much more feasible. As humans, we need to consume all nine necessary Amino Acids in the whole protein (the “necessary” nutrient cannot be produced from the body but must be ingested from diets).

It is important to note that animal protein contains the amount needed of the essential amino acids, but most plants do not provide one or more.

Any Vegan diet is acceptable as long as it follows the rules of Keto and provides all the necessary nutrients that our body needs.

Important Notice

Everyone has different body types. Some of you might be suffering from any disease which you don’t know of. Always consult a doctor before starting a meal plan of adding or removing something from your diet. Pregnant Women and Children must avoid any diet plans without professional assistance.

What to eat and avoid in Vegan Keto Diet?

When we think about Vegan keto, the first question that pops up in our mind is what we should eat and avoid in this diet plan.

Keto Diet focuses on consuming more fat and protein-based foods, which usually comes from meat. Vegans avoid all kinds of meat and products that come from animals like eggs and milk.

A general perception is that Vegan Keto Diet has not many options, but that’s not the case. Here are some products that you can eat and some that you have to avoid.


What is not allowed in vegan keto diet?

  • Wheat
  • Rice Cereal
  • Lentils
  • Black Beans
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Yams
  • Corn

What is allowed in vegan keto diet?

There is plenty of food that we can eat regardless of restrictions of Keto and veganism combined. Tempeh, Seitan, Tofu are the meat substitutes that Vegan enjoys and are allowed in Vegan Keto.

Coming towards Veggies and Mushrooms, all the vegetables that grow above the ground like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Zucchini are allowed. King Oyster, Shitake, and lion’s Mate Mushrooms are also allowed in this diet.

Coconut Cream and vegan Cheese are the high-fat products that can be used in this diet plan. Pistachios, Almonds, and Pumpkin Seeds are completely fine with Vegan Keto Diet.

Avocados, Raspberries, Blackberries are fruits that you can consume without any restrictions. For sweeteners, Monk Fruit and Stevia can be used.

Let’s talk about the Health Benefits of the Vegan Keto Diet:

There are plenty of health benefits of the vegan keto diet, which we have explained as under:



woman using body tape measure while measuring her waist


1. It leads to Weight Loss.

Weight loss ` is associated with both vegan and ketogenic diets. In an extensive survey of dozens of studies, the average weight loss of vegans over 18 weeks after a vegan diet was 4.5 pounds (2 kg).

In a study, 74 people with type 2 diabetes were provided with more effective vegetative diets than traditional low-calorie diets, encouraging both fat and weight loss.

In another study, an average weighted and lower body weight index (BMI) was shown for 83 obese people, with an average weight loss of 31 pounds (14 kg).

The high level of healthy fats can also make you feel whole to minimize appetite and hunger.

2. It helps the body to protect against Chronic Diseases.

A decreased risk of many chronic disorders was associated with vegetarian diets. However, findings are associated with lower cancer risk and increased levels of multiple risk factors for heart disease, including BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

The keto diet was also examined for its effects on the prevention of disease. The keto diet in a 56-week trial of 66 individuals resulted in substantial weight reductions, total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar.

Many studies indicate that this diet will maintain the brain’s health and help treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Supports Blood Sugar Control

A study linked a substantial reduction in HbA1c levels in vegetarian diets, a proxy for long-term blood sugar control. Nine hundred eighteen people have found that moving to a vegan keto diet decreases the risk of diabetes by 53%.

In the meantime, your keto diet will boost blood sugar regulation in your body and increase your sensitivity to insulin. During a keto diet, decreased HbA1c levels by 16 percent in 21 men were found. Impressively, by the end of the study, up to 81 percent could cut or stop their diabetes drugs.

Drawbacks of Vegan Keto Diet

Vegan Keto has not many drawbacks compared to benefits, but there are still some of them. Many people face Keto flu when their body enters into the process of Ketosis. That is general for all keto diets, whether it is Vegan keto or not.

When the body enters Ketosis, you might feel.

  • Weakness
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Etc.

The weakness and headaches are probably due to a lack of Vitamin B12, D, K2, and some other nutrients from milk and meat. That’s the only major drawback of Vegan Keto; otherwise, all the side effects are simple Keto related.


Final Words

The diet is a moderately fat and low-carb diet that excludes meat and seafood. Vegan or keto diets can independently facilitate control of blood sugar, weight loss, and a variety of other benefits.

However, this diet can increase the risk of food deficiency. It is certainly possible to incorporate if you are vegan and interested in pursuing Keto or even doing Keto and are curious about going meat-free.

The advantages, such as weight loss, heart disease, and diabetes complications, contribute to vegan and ketogenic diets.

Some supplements, including iron and vitamins B12 and D, may be needed to meet the nutrient needs. While evidence shows that your health is beneficial to both the vegan diet and the keto diet, studies on the vegan keto diet’s effects must determine if this diet is effective and long term health.

If you take enough supplements that your body requires, then Vegan Keto is a reliable diet plan.

Founder, Certified Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach.

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