Green Tea Keto
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We all know that green tea is a healthy drink. But while being on a ketogenic diet, we often have this question in mind is green tea keto? In this article, we will address the question: Is green tea Keto?

Green tea is a drink that boosts the metabolic rates of our body and causes the fat to burn faster. [1] On a keto diet, all we want is that the body should use fat instead of carbs as an energy source. This diet stimulates the process of ketosis in our body. From a lot of studies, it has been proved that the best tea for ketosis is green tea.

Is Green Tea Keto? Relationship between Ketogenic Diet and Green Tea Bariatric Station

Including a cup of green tea in your keto diet plan is a very efficient thing. First of all, it fulfills your craving for tea or coffee. Furthermore, it speeds up the process of weight loss. Green tea also activates your brain as it contains caffeine. Resultantly, green tea enhances your keto diet experience.

Is Green Tea Healthy?

We always heard from our elders that “Health is the only Wealth”. The concept behind this saying is that you can only enjoy the privileges of life if you are healthy and fit. Every individual nowadays is more conscious about what are they eating and how they are looking. These things are important as we have to survive in this progressing and competitive world.

People are not only eating healthy but now they want to have proper diet plans for themselves. Now they prefer to have a scheduled eating routine rather than having an unplanned one. Nutritionists from all over the world are developing new diet plans which guide people towards a healthy life.

Relationship of Green Tea with Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet [2] is one of the most successful diet plans that millions of people have followed. It is not only a health trend but it helps you with your medical problems. The results of this diet are very effective and positive.

All the people who have been on a keto routine are very satisfied with it. In a ketogenic diet, you primarily reduce your carbs intake and replace it with fat. Then your body uses fat instead of carbs for the production of energy. This diet is mostly recommended for losing weight but it is also very helpful for other medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, etc.

Taking a diet with a low carb intake is usually not a good option. Carbohydrates are the major source of energy for our bodies.

But sometimes we need instant results to keep ourselves determined and motivated while being on a weight loss journey. In that situation, these diets are very convenient and approachable. That’s why, when you are on a keto diet, you only follow it for a specific time duration.

Is Green Tea Keto? Relationship between Ketogenic Diet and Green Tea Bariatric Station

A cup of tea or coffee is a must in our daily routines. Without it, our day is incomplete and we feel tired all day long. When people often decide to go on a healthy diet plan, they worry that they have to sacrifice their hot cup of tea. These concerns are also the same when you are on a keto diet. The person is always confused with his or her drink preferences.

When we think about a healthy drink, the first name that comes to our mind is green tea. Green tea [3] is a concoction of different herbs and sometimes spices. Their varieties are just infinite. They are so versatile and unique that every flavor is different from the other one. Since the Stone Age, people are drinking it in one form or another. With time, however, the composition has been changed but the concept remains the same.

Nutritional values of green tea:

Green tea is a drink with a very nutritional profile. A cup of green tea contains;

  • Total carbs: 0 g
  • Sugars: 0 g
  • Saturated fat: 0 g
  • Unsaturated fat: 0 g
  • Proteins: 0.5 g
  • Potassium: 20 mg
  • Sodium: 2.5 mg
  • Vitamins: 0 mg
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Calcium and iron: 0 mg
  • Caffeine: 29.4 mg

Total calories (per serving): 2.5 Cal

It shows that green tea contains 0 calories, the only calories it has are due to the caffeine and protein with a little bit of sodium and potassium. The fact that it has no carbs, makes it perfect for a keto diet.

How green tea helps you in your ketogenic routine?

Alternatives for green tea:

The best tea for ketosis is green tea but still, we need at least two to three drinks options. So, that we do not get bizarre or bored on our keto diet. Following are some of the options that you can alter with green tea.

Sparkling water:

Sparkling water [4] is the carbonated or bubbly form of water. It is just like drinking a glass of cold drink. You can drink sparkling water on keto, only if it is unsweetened and has zero net carbs. It is a great option if you crave soda water on the diet.


Is Gatorade keto-friendly? It is often asked questions by the athletes or sportsman when they go on a keto diet. Gatorade [5] is one of the keto-friendly energy drinks but it contains artificial sweeteners. So, if you like to drink it, only consume half a bottle while being on the diet.

Iced tea:

Is iced tea keto? You can consume iced tea on keto. But only the ones that are without milk and low in carbs.

Unsweet tea:

The unsweetened tea which is black meaning without milk is only allowed on the keto diet.

Nut based milk:

You can also consume half a cup of almond or macadamia milk etc. on a keto diet but only without sugar.


Vegetable juices like celery, cucumber, etc. And fruit juices like lime or lemon are good green tea alternatives while being on a ketogenic diet.

Is Green Tea Keto? Relationship between Ketogenic Diet and Green Tea Bariatric Station

The Positive Aspects of Green Tea in a Keto Diet:

Drinking a cup of green tea daily while being on keto, is a very healthy option. It boosts your metabolic rates and also fulfills your craving for a hot cup of tea or coffee. Further, antioxidants and other nutrients prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.

Is Green Tea Keto? Relationship between Ketogenic Diet and Green Tea Bariatric Station

The most positive thing about green tea is that it is a natural and organic ingredient, not an artificial one.

The Negative Aspects of Green Tea in a Keto Diet

The negative effect of green tea will only occur if you consume green tea in excess. Having one cup is the most beneficial but two is also fine. But if you consume it excessively it can cause diarrhea, dehydration, etc. It can also cause insomnia as it contains caffeine.

Health benefits of Green Tea

Weight loss:

Green tea is a type of drink that optimizes your metabolic rates. It makes the body fat burn more quickly which helps you to reduce your weight. Many studies have shown positive results on this concept. Green tea works best for losing belly fat. It is a very effective weight loss drink

Prevention from medical diseases:

Green tea contains nutritional ingredients that are beneficial in preventing different health diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. It maintains your internal body functions.

Remember one thing if you are already a person with diabetes or high blood pressure, green tea is not going to treat the disease rather than it will only help you to maintain good health.

Oral hygiene:

Oral hygiene is a major part of a healthy lifestyle. Green tea also benefits your oral health. It contains catechins, which prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth. It prevents your mouth from various infections. Drinking green tea helps you with poor oral health.

Cancer barrier:

Cancer is one of the world’s leading health hazards. It causes chronic inflammation due to oxidative damage in your body. To prevent oxidative damage, doctors often recommend consuming antioxidants.

Green tea contains antioxidants that help you in preventing cancer. It is an excellent source of antioxidants for your body. [6]

A longer lifetime:

Green tea is a very healthy drink that provides numerous benefits to your body. it helps you to prevent diseases like heart damage, diabetes, hypertension, etc. which ultimately increase your life span. You will live a more prosperous life if you consume one cup of green tea daily.

Drinks You Should Avoid When You are on a Keto Diet:

The drinks that are not allowed on keto are:

  • Sugary drinks
  • Cold drinks like Coca-Cola etc.
  • Milk tea
  • Fruit juices like orange, strawberry, etc.
  • Energy drinks with the high carbs content
  • Sweetened sparkling water
  • Beer

Staying Hydrated is a Significant Part of the Keto Diet. Why?

Carbohydrates are responsible for the preservation of water in the human body. So, the chances of dehydration on a keto diet are very high. As we are taking a diet which is low in carbs. It is very crucial to keep yourself hydrated while being on the diet.

Is Green Tea Keto? Relationship between Ketogenic Diet and Green Tea Bariatric Station

Drinking a ton of water can be a little irritating as it will cause excessive urination and a bloated stomach. So, swapping drinking water with a cup of green tea is a very fun and utilizing thing.

Herbal teas on keto provide you hydration and also will help optimize weight loss.


It is a common myth in our society that green tea is just a healthy drink, not the one that provides you with health benefits. But it is a false concept. In reality, green tea is a drink that provides you with a lot of advantages like prevention against cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. It maintains your oral hygiene and gives you a glowing face. The privileges of green tea are just infinite.

On a ketogenic diet, green tea is also very remarkable. It provides hydration, fast metabolism, and a good mouth flavor. It will make your keto experience healthier and more joyful.

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