Is It Possible to Lose Belly Fat? Tips for Losing Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat

You may have average weight, but you can target a trouble spot you do not like or want to get rid of. Mostly these unwanted spots are on the belly, so we aim for belly fat. We can make the optimal body by removing as much belly fat as we can. However, Is it really possible to lose belly fat? You probably can target stomach fat in the same manner as you build specific muscles with specific exercises. In this article, we will discuss everything about losing belly fat.

To explain misconceptions, we will first know how people get belly fat and then where you can and cannot target the trouble areas and use effective strategies to lose the underlying fat and eventually get the lean body you desire.

How the Body Fat is Produced?

Body fat isn’t a negative thing; for our body, it’s in fact essential. However, if the food is scarce with huge amounts of bad sugary and oily products – anxiety, high cholesterol, and other serious complications will lead to health issues.


When you’re in a calorie excess situation or take more calories than you really need in your body, fat mass is produced. In plain language, it is known as: “overeating.” The thing is, it’s much easier than you’d think, getting into a state with fewer calories consumed. One other factor to remember is that it doesn’t guarantee you weight loss only because you are eating less than your capacity.

Things that Cause Belly Fat

1. Consuming Excessive Sugar

Most people eat extra sugar every day than they should. Cookies and desserts and so-called “healthier” choices such as muffins and frozen yoghurts can be seen as High-Sugar and carbohydrate items. Soda, flavored coffee, and sweet tea are among the most common sugar-sweetened drinks.

The relation between excessive sugar intake and excess belly fat is directly proportional to each other. This may be due to much of the high amount of fructose added sugar. Sugar is present in many of our daily life products such as juices, soft drinks, and even coffee have many sugar content that we don’t know of. These products will not lead to weight loss.

2. Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol can have both beneficial and detrimental effects. When consumed in reasonable amounts, significantly as red wine, the risk of heart disease and stroke can be reduced. High alcohol consumption can contribute to inflammation, hepatitis, and other serious medical problems which all start from abdominal fat.


Several experiments have shown that alcohol suppresses fat intake and even stores excess calories as bowel fat. The high alcohol intake and weight gain in the centre are linked to each other. One of the researchers showed that 80% of men had excess belly fat who had more than three drinks a day than men having less alcohol.

The alcohol consumed during 24hrs also seems to play a role. In another study, casual drinkers who drank only around one drink a day tended to be having less fat. In contrast, those who drank less regularly but consumed four or more sugary beverages on “drinking days” became most likely to have excess abdominal fat.



3. Consumption of Trans or Saturated Fats

Trans fats are the worst fats on the planet. By adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats, they are made to make them more stable. Trans fats are used to increase the life packaged foods, such as muffins, baking mixes, and crackers. They are also used in frozen vegetable which increases visceral fat.  Trans fats have been shown to cause swelling. This may lead to insulin resistance, cardiac disease, and other problems. Some animal studies suggest diets containing fats will promote excess bowel fat and visceral fat.

4. Lack of Exercise or Body Movement

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most significant contributors to ill health. In the past few decades, people were usually less involved in this type of lifestyle. This may have led to an increase in fat storage, particularly abdominal Excess fat.

A couple of researchers and scientists in the US found that due to males’ and females’ inactivity, weight, and abdominal circumference were significantly increased. The observational study contrasts people who watch less than an hour and more than three hours a day of TV. The group who saw more television as compared to the group who saw less television has the risk of ‘serious belly fat.’ Similarly, people consume a  lot of whole-grain products while watching TV, helping in excess weight.

5. Cortisol and Stress

Cortisol is a vital hormone for life. The adrenal glands make a “stress hormone” and helps mount stress on the body.   This could lead to weight gains, particularly in the abdominal region, where it is created excessively. Among so many people, depression causes excessive consumption. However, cortisol promotes fat retention in the intestine rather than storing extra calories throughout the body. Ironically, women with wide waists secreted more cortisol than their hips when they were stressed.

Some things can’t be targeted.

Your muscles are challenged if you work out to reduce a specific muscle group. The muscle fibres, with proper exercise and diet, are broken and substituted. Although the blood supply will lead to any contact with subcutaneous fat in the muscles being exercised, there are relatively few consequences. The misunderstanding of fat targeting or “spot reduction” and scientifically confirmed researchers proved that very little evidence can support the possibility of fat targeting.

Everybody has Abdominal Muscles.

Yes, you as well! You can be small or large, but all of us have six-pack abs. They’re only covered with a fat sheet. Depending on how fat you are, your solid abs can be buried under a lot of fat. You just need a lot of exercise and strength training and physical activity to get in the phase of fat loss. Fat loss is not as hard as people think.

Unable to transfer fat to muscles

Fat may remain but not be overwhelmed by the body’s muscles. When covered with a lot of fat, you can’t work out because the fat around your muscles which doesn’t let you do so. No abs can give you a flat stomach. But you can try your best to reduce stomach fat.

A Flat Belly Only appears when you have a Low Body Fat Percentage.

A million YouTube videos explain that people know that the ab-industry desperately needs people who seek a flat stomach! You’ll have to stop what you’re doing, whether you’re being tortured 30 minutes a day on various ab machines, or you’ve had a thousand crunches every day. You’re going to do something more than “eat better, get stronger, move for a long time.” You don’t need too much physical activity you just need to maintain your body fat percentage.

Targeting your thighs.

Don’t let your thighs disappear in fat. It might be harmful to your thigh muscles. This type of fat is really hard to get rid of. No matter how much time you put in exercise, this will not go easily.

Tips for Losing Belly Fat

1.  Only do it one step at a time.

The foods contain sugar or starch, which includes cookies, biscuits, cake, pizza, potatoes, portions of pasta, scones, chip pancakes, brown sugar, and, for instance, doughnuts. A gradual, continuous loss in weight over several months will not likely continue to be achieved suddenly. The valuable nutrients are small and cause an unexpected blood sugar spike that increases insulin levels. Sugar is transformed to fat reasonably quickly. to achieve maximum health benefits, take small steps and continue one step at a time.

2.  Don’t cut the fat off.

‘Because fat in calories is denser than carbs, it must not be removed completely. It contains essential fat-soluble vitamins that maintain a higher appetite than carbs. Don’t think that low-fat products are suitable for losing weight because sometimes they have lots of sugar and may worsen. You can always use monounsaturated fats which are a better type of fats compared to the others.

3.  Eat a mild diet

Use fibrous foods in the Mediterranean diet, including fruit, salads, and vegetables with protein and good fats, rather than refined carbs. For instance, eat olives, onions, seeds, beans, legumes, fresh fish, and olive oil. As these foods take time to digest, they keep you full and maintain a balanced metabolism. You don’t need extra supplements to support your body as they might decrease your chances to lose weight.

4.  Don’t Obsess

‘The total daily intake of calories must be reduced if you want to lose weight, but don’t count them obsessively because it is not helpful and will make you feel deprived. There is no harm to learn about calorie counting but you have to do that wisely.

5.  Exercise

‘Standard exercise consumes not only calories. This also eliminates starvation and gives the muscles the pitch. Take a quick 30-minute walk or a day’s equivalent.” You can do a lot of abdominal exercises as well to shred the extra fat and increase metabolic rate. C:\Users\Talha\Downloads\woman-working-out-night-full-shot.jpg

6.  Be conscious of eating.

‘Little by little, remembering what you are doing. Sit back to feed with a knife and fork, and don’t eat something like that. Smaller parts would look better on a smaller plate.

7.  Drink Plenty of water

‘It is water in our diet so that by eating less you get thirstier. Often people mistake appetite for thirst, so consider drinking a glass of water, rather than having snacks.”

8.  Don’t drink alcohol

‘The alcohol is full of wasted calories, and we still drink sugar in it. Alcohol is not good for health and it never will. Avoiding this can save you from thousands of diseases.


yes, it is possible to lose belly fat but that requires a lot of steps to be followed. But these steps are not hard to do, focus on healthy eating, always keep an eye on blood sugar levels, you can also hire a personal trainer to keep you motivated. You will always have cravings but you have to focus on your goals. Follow the guidelines and try to leave all the habits that we have mentioned above which lead you to obesity. Always have a balanced diet whether you are you are trying to lose weight or not.


Founder, Certified Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach.

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