Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about

Over the past years, low-carb and keto diet consumers have grown in great numbers to gain maximum health benefits while staying on a balanced diet. With the changing times, calorie-conscious people have started to look for a sugar substitute in the form of artificial sweeteners. Today you can find many artificial and natural sweeteners in the market that taste like sugar, looks like sugar but has quite a low-calorie count compared to sugar. Swerve Sweetener is one of the natural “ultimate replacements for sugar” as claimed by the company itself.

What Exactly Is Swerve Sweetener?

Swerve Sweetener is a natural sweetener blend made by mainly three ingredients. It is used as a replacement for sugar because it has zero calories and zeroes net carbs, and on top of that Swerve is certified non-glycemic and non-GMO which shows that it does not raise the blood sugar levels in consumers. This natural sweetener is quite safe for people suffering from diabetes because it does not affect blood glucose and insulin level despite too much intake. People use it in baking recipes as it bakes, tastes, and measures just like regular sugar and are preferred over other natural sweeteners because it caramelizes and holds its shape while baking just like sugar.

Swerve Sweetener is available in two forms, granular which has the same textures as table sugar and confectioners have powdered form in small packets. It stands apart from other artificial sweeteners due to its composition. Swerve Sweetener is made from all the natural ingredients sourced from the US and France.

To Summarize:

  • Natural Sweetener
  • Measure, taste, and look like sugar
  • Non-glycemic
  • No GMO or MSG
  • Gluten-Free
  • Zero calories
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Easy to digest

What is inside Swerve Sweetener?

Serve Sweetener has three key ingredients:

Erythritol: Sugar alcohol extracted from non-GMO corn.

Oligosaccharides: Fermented prebiotic fiber glucose extracted from root vegetables.

Natural Flavors: “a little natural flavor from citrus”

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about Bariatric Station

Let’s look into the ingredients and how these contribute to making “natural sweetener”.


Erythritol is sugar alcohol just like xylitol, sorbitol, and mannitol. This ingredient holds the major part of Swerve sweetener. It is found commonly in vegetables and fruits in a small amount. It has only 2.0% calories per gram while table sugar has 4 calories per gram, and on the taste side, sweetener only has 60-80% of the sugar’s sweetness. In short, it is low in calories as well as taste too when extracted but tastes exactly the same as sugar.

It is sourced from corn and made from fermented glucose in sugar alcohol. Swerve only makes it from non-GMO corn, which is not something to concern with but better to know. The process of fermentation of Erythritol is natural but synthetics are used in products such as hydrolysis for extracting the glucose from vegetables/fruits or corn, and also crystallization to make it into a final form. Erythritol is not a bad ingredient as a sweetener and does not affect health because it is non-allergenic, shows no adverse effects on the consumers, and overall has beneficial effects on health.


This ingredient is also sourced from fruits and starchy vegetables and it is composed of small chains of sugar and taste like sweet carbohydrates. It is also responsible for providing extra sweetness in Swerve Sweetener. Oligosaccharides in Swerve are mostly sourced from starchy root vegetables including chicory root, garlic, and onions. It is made by adding enzymes to root vegetables and with a natural process.

These are a kind of prebiotic fiber, sometimes labeled as inulin, which is indigestible because the digestive tract cannot break it down, and therefore it is calorie-free. It just passes through your tract to the colon and supports the growth of healthy bacteria. Just like the other ingredients, it is natural and provides health benefits to the consumers but not good for people who are sensitive to FODMAPs.

Natural Flavors

Natural flavors are substances made from different ingredients that companies use in their products to improve the taste. However, the term “natural” does not necessarily mean that ingredients are obtained from natural sources with no artificial substance and the process down the road was also natural. Therefore is a misleading term in general in many cases.

According to the FDA, natural flavors are substances that are extracted or sourced only from edible plants and animals or produced using enzymes or yeast.

In the large scale production of edibles, many natural flavors are made in laboratories by a chemist using the natural ingredients. Though the sources are natural, the process is artificial. The natural substance could be taken and be distilled, roasted, squashed, fried, acidified, discombobulated, or a combination of these, so the end product you get would not all be natural just like the first phase. Therefore we cannot deem it all-natural.

Not knowing what goes into the making of natural flavor may lead to many misconceptions and makes people lack trust in food companies because vegans may not know they are eating something that is derived from animals or low-carb consumers may question calories count in a product.

Swerve comes forward with their honest claim on their website despite no legal obligation to disclose their production, that they use “a little natural flavor from citrus”, they are Kosher and sweetener is free from MSG or GMOs. However, they did not state clearly whether their products are vegan-friendly or not.

How do they make it?

On their official website, they give a major sneak peek of how they make their Swerve “natural sweetener” with natural ingredients and safe processes.

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about Bariatric Station

Carbs or Calories in Swerve Sweetener

Swerve Sweetener’s label shows completely 0g calories but it is quite inaccurate because no product has zero calories. According to the FDA rule in the labeling of nutrition facts, anything that has less than five calories can be counted as zero or no calories. Therefore if you see any label that shows zero calories, it might have less than five calories in total.

The serving size mentioned on Swerve Sweetener is one teaspoon or roughly 4g and the calories it states are zero or less than five. This information might be ok in cases where you have to use teaspoons but if you are baking then you need cups for measurement. So, in a single cup of Swerve Sweetener, there are 51 calories per cup or 5g carbs per serving. This may sound a lot if you have little knowledge of calorie count, but these are not because your body does not digest or metabolize such a little quantity of carbs.

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about Bariatric Station

What is it used for?

Swerve Sweetener can be used in your daily life as a complete substitute for sugar. If you or anyone in the family has diabetes or trying to keep a low carb daily diet then it is the best alternative you can get for sugar. It has zero calories and has the same taste profile as sugar which will not make you miss sugar or crave it any bit.

For instance, you can use Swerve Sweetener in:

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about Bariatric Station


If you bake frequently then you must know how much sugar goes in a single serving, a lot. Baked goods are basically the main reason for too much calorie intake and weight gain and high blood sugar levels. What is a better way to reduce the calorie while keeping the same taste than using a swerve Sweetener, a natural sweetener. It caramelizes and browns just like sugar when baking and if you are making Crème Brule then you will also get the tasty toasted and crunchy crust and a stiff peak in Meringues with this. You can use it just like sugar in measurement as it makes no difference and gives you the same result.

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about Bariatric Station

Keto Diet

It is a great addition to your Keto diet plan. If you are following a keto diet and need to replace your sugar with something more beneficial and low-calorie then Swerve Sweetener is there to fulfill the void. It has zero carbs, zero calories, no MSG or GMO, does not affect your blood sugar or insulin level, and overall is great for your health and keeps you in shape. Swerve Sweetener goes perfectly with a calorie fiber diet because it also does not contribute to et carb count.

Swerve Sweetener: Everything you should know about Bariatric Station

Any edible

Swerve Sweetener not only just used in baking confectioneries or Keto diet, you can basically use it in any edible instead of sugar. It looks, tastes, and measures just like your regular sugar but unlike sugar, it has a low-calorie count. Simply replace it with sugar with an equal amount and if you want to use more amount, it works fine too without giving any bitter taste, unlike other intense sweeteners.

Health benefit of Swerve Sweetener

It is not only just a zero-calorie substitute for sugar but also has many health benefits that make it stand out among other sweeteners. Swerve Sweetener basically has so little amount of calories to the point that the human body cannot digest such a little amount, therefore, labels it as a zero-calorie sweetener.

Erythritol and Oligosaccharides are present in such a small amount that the digestive tract is unable to break it down during digestion and pass it to the colon for healthy bacteria growth support. It does not contribute to blood sugar and insulin, even after regularly using your sugar level remains the same. This sweetener is great for people who have diabetes and who are looking to cut down carbs in their diet.

A disadvantage of using Swerve Sweetener

Its two main ingredients are sugar alcohol which is responsible for digestive issues in many people. These two are high in FODMAPS which is a short-chain sugar carb that is fermented by bacteria in your stomach and causes digestive issues. Your body cannot digest them and they pass straight to the colon without any change in substance. For some people, because it is shown in selective people that these substances then create diarrhea, gas, and bloating issues.

However, through enough tests, it is shown that Erythritol has the least amount of effect on your digestion as compared to other sugar alcohols found in artificial sweeteners because it is also more resistant to fermentation. Its 90% is absorbed in your blood which is the minimum calorie count while only 10% is passed down to the colon. Unless you already have digestive issues, it is highly unlikely that you face stomach upset while using Swerve Sweetener.

Stay away from natural or artificial sweeteners if you are facing digestive problems such as abdominal pain, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and other related diseases, because it can lead to more.

Is it safe for children to consume Swerve Sweetener?

Children are no different than adults and study shows that it does not cause any harm to children if consumed in a suitable amount. Swerve Sweetener is mostly used in baking goods and if it has been any harmful for children then FDA would have banned it for children. Biologically children and adults are no different and both can use the same ingredient in their daily intake.

However, children have a small digestive system which means they are highly likely to get digestive issues if they face some before using Swerve Sweetener. What adults feel at a higher dosage, children can feel the same with a small dose. If your child feels any discomfort or unpleasant feeling after consuming Swerve Sweetener then you should stop using and opt for some better option.

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