Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet?

Sweetener for Keto

The keto is a pretty well-known diet plan which is very beneficial for human health and weight loss purposes. It is a low-carb and high-fat diet, which restricts all the processed and high-carb foods out of your diet plan. It is a subtle diet, which initiates the motives of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. There is no doubt that you have to exclude several things from your diet and also all your favorite meals, cravings, etc. In this article we will discuss about the best sweetener for keto.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station

The keto diet is very much modified, more than that the food companies and brands are so focused to make their products keto-friendly that it just expands the criteria of keto foods. This happens due to the increasing usage and popularity of this low-carb diet plan. Keto sweeteners are one of the most important addition to the diet as it not let us feel that we are following a strict diet plan and we have to exclude all the delicious foods out of our life.

What are Sweeteners?

Sweeteners are the sugar additive substitutes that we use instead of table sugar, the reason behind the formulation of this food alternative is due to the unhealthy and negative effects of normal sugars on human health, as we know table sugar is processed food which can cause high blood sugar levels that will ultimately result in diabetics, weight gain, heart diseases, etc. Although table sugar is refined sugar, natural sugars such as brown, sugarcane, etc. are also not good for the human body if taken in high amounts.

So, the need of sweeteners is very important to be used as the sweet sugary substitutes for the peoples with diabetes, heart problems or overweight. These sweeteners are mainly produced from a natural product such as fruit, herb, or flower, they are organic and nutritive.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station

The natural sweeteners contain no calories and unhealthy nutrients, which make them perfect for consumption. They are also a major part of keto, as sugar is also not allowed on the diet plan, and as these sweeteners are low carbs food items so it is perfect for the ketogenic diet. It will not affect the ketosis process and will deliver you with sweet and luscious flavor.

What should be the Qualities of a Keto Sweetener?

There are many types of sweeteners out there, so choosing the right substitute according to the keto diet is very significant otherwise it can mess up your diet plan. A keto sweetener should have the following qualities:

  • Contains no carbs and calories
  • All the claims made by the sweetener’s company should be supported by some approved scientific research.
  • Sometimes, the company tries to hide the carbs, so be cautious that it does not contain any hidden carbs.
  • The sweetener should not cause any kind of negative effect when consumed at the recommended dose. The serving portion should be reasonable not very high or low.
  • The sweetener should not alter at high temperatures such as becoming too bitter, toxic, or break down into smaller sugar particles.
  • The substitute sugar should not either have positive or negative effects on blood sugar levels and other bodily substances such as triglyceride, cholesterol, or blood pressure.


Are Keto-Friendly Sweeteners Too Healthy to be Right? What is the Truth behind It?

The keto sweetener is a healthy, low-carb, and safe sugar substitute that’s why you can use them on the diet plan. But are these sweeteners too good that they do not have any negative impacts? The truth behind it is that these food alternatives are a very good option for your diet plan which can fulfill your sweet cravings and satisfy your taste buds.

But as we know excess of everything is bad, if you are consuming these sweeteners in moderate amount and occasional only for your taste then it will not cause any negative impacts, instead, it will produce such relaxing hormones which will lower your stress levels.

However, if you consume these sweeteners in huge quantities and on daily basis, it will increase your carvings which will force you to eat more sugary items which will result in more weight gain and other health issues.

So. When you use keto sweeteners always remember to use them in minor quantities and not on daily basis, the preferable amount is to use it two to three times per week.

Best Sweeteners Compatible with the Keto Diet:

The best keto sweeteners are:

Monk fruit:

This sweetener is made up of natural monk fruit extract, it contains natural sugar with no calories or carbs and it has antioxidant compounds known as MoGro sides which provide a sweet taste to it. The monk fruit sweetener regulates the blood sugar levels suggested by many researchers. This sweetener is one of the best options for the keto diet.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station


It is formulated from the stevia plant which is a natural source, it contains little or no carbs and calories which makes it non-nutritive. It is much sweet than regular sugar, it is available both in powder and liquid form which makes it diverse, studies have shown that it regulates blood sugar levels which makes it best for ketosis.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station


It is naturally occurring sugar, which influences the sugar taste onto the taste receptors, it is about 75 % sweet as normal sugar but contains only 4 % calories per 0.2 gram. Some studies have suggested that it can even lower blood sugar levels which is very helpful for ketosis.


It is a plant-based sweetener that is extracted from rare foods such as raisins and figs. It contains about 70 % sweetness taste but it is a sugar that does not get absorbed by the human body which means that it does not contribute any calories to the body which makes it perfect for keto, but it acts the same as normal sugar.

Yacon syrup:

Yacon syrup is made up of the tuber plant known as yacon plant, it contains simple sugars such as sucrose, fructose, etc. but this sweetener is very dense insoluble fiber quantity which makes it indigestible for the human body, instead of many researchers have shown that this sweetener aids in reducing insulin and blood sugar levels, it is a great keto addition sugar substitute.


Xylitol is another type of sugar sweetener which is found in foods such as sugar-free candies, gums, etc. The sweetness is the same as the table sugar but it contains only 3 calories per gram with 4 grams of carbs but the carbs it contains do not affect the blood sugar levels which makes it suitable for keto.

All these sweeteners can be used in various desserts, drinks, salad dressings, and baked goods with providing the same taste as normal sugar but always read the label before buying it and choose the one which is made naturally without any artificial substance.

Worst Sweeteners to Avoid on Keto

There is a lot of variety out there for the keto alternatives sweeteners but some of them are not suitable for it which are as follow:

Coconut sugar:

The coconut sugar is made up of the watery sugar solution of the coconut tree palm, this sugar is very high in fructose concentration which makes it a non-keto friendly sugar. It is also the sugar that absorbs very slowly into the blood which makes it break down even though.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station


It is a fruit sweetener that is used in various desserts, it contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins but also a high quantity of carbs which is not according to keto.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station

Honey and maple syrup:

Organic and quality honey is a very nutritional and healthy choice of sweetness than refined table sugar, but it still contains a huge amount of carbs and calories which makes it incompatible with a ketogenic diet.

Best Sweetener for Keto: Can we add Sweeteners in Ketogenic Diet? Bariatric Station

Same as maple syrup, it contains various nutritive minerals such as zinc, manganese but it is also a very carbohydrate-dense sweetener that is not suitable for keto.

Agave nectar:

This is one of the sweetest sugars out there as it contains about 80 % fructose, it can affect the insulin regulation in the body, contributing to metabolic syndromes and high levels of blood sugar.

Where you can Use these Sweeteners in your Diet?

In the keto diet, we cut our sugar intake, which automatically restricts a lot of sweet foods from the diet which includes cookies, cakes, chocolate milkshakes, pancakes, etc. But with these keto sweeteners, you can enjoy them even on the diet plan. Following are the ways you can use them:

  • You can sprinkle the sweetener on a pancake or berries fruit bowl.
  • You can add them to various smoothies and herbal teas to give them a little sweet essence.
  • You can add them to your keto-friendly muffin and cake recipes.
  • You can use them as a caramelizing agent for your meat steaks instead of brown sugar.
  • You can also mix a minor amount of the sweetener on mixed nuts to make them taste sweet and delicious.

There are a lot of ways to use the keto sweeteners on the diet plan, which will give you the sweet and delicious flavor but the important thing to take into notice is to use it in little quantity and also occasional.

Benefits of Keto Sweeteners

  • The benefits of these keto sweeteners are that they fulfill your sweet cravings and also suppress your appetite by not providing you with a bundle of calories.
  • These sweeteners do not affect the ketosis metabolic process and have no negative impact on it.
  • The sweeteners help you to retrieve your sugary taste, which you think you will miss by being on a strict diet plan
  • These sweeteners do not cause any change in your blood sugar levels which is great for proper body functioning.


Keto sweeteners are a great sugar alternative that delivers only the sweet and delicious essence without adding more calories to our body. It is a lifesaver for those people who cannot live without sugar taste but still want to follow a healthy diet plan to be active and fit. Just consume these sweeteners in minute quantity and only a few times per week, also if you have any specific health condition, allergies, or even if you do not have any, it is always good to consult your family doctor or dietitian before using the keto sweeteners.

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