Suppress Appetite: How to get Less Hungry While on a Keto Diet

Suppress Appetite

Eating delicious foods is one of the greatest privileges that we enjoy on daily basis, but sometimes overeat, no actually all the time which is not healthy either for our lifestyle and health, it can cause various medical problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. An appetite suppressant is a type of food or supplement that reduces the feeling of hunger, ultimately saves us from a growling stomach. In this article we will learn about how to suppress appetite.

Suppress Appetite: How to get Less Hungry While on a Keto Diet Bariatric Station

If you want to have a maintained lifestyle or fewer weight issues or you just do not want to have a noisy stomach throughout a workday, these appetite suppressants are very considerable.

What is Hunger?

Hunger is a feeling of weakness and emptiness in the stomach which comes with a desire to eat something. When you feeling hungry during the time of a specific meal like lunch, dinner, or breakfast, it is a natural and usual thing but if you are having this feel even after consuming all your meals, even the snacks in between, it can be a problem.

Suppress Appetite: How to get Less Hungry While on a Keto Diet Bariatric Station

When your appetite increases unconditionally, it can force you to overeat which will result in various health problems such as weight gain, increased blood sugar levels, high cholesterol levels, etc. It is not a good lifestyle habit so the thing that saves us from overeating due to hunger issues are appetite suppressants that can be in the form of clinical supplements or natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, extract, etc.

What Type of Food is Qualified to be an Appetite Suppressant?

There are a lot of tablets and supplements available in the market, that can help you to suppress your appetite but choosing a more natural and organic source is always better and safe than clinically formulated products. Natural appetite suppressants are every healthy and nutritional which you can use on daily basis to reduce hunger without any side effects but the important point is to choose the right food as an appetite suppressant. Here are the qualities of a natural appetite suppressant food:


Fiber is a very crucial nutrient that provides numerous benefits to the human body, it is also considered that foods that contain high content of fiber are great to suppress hunger. The concept behind it is that fiber is indigestible food so the body cannot absorb it quickly which keeps the stomach full for a longer time, moreover, they provide nutrients in bulk but fewer calories which helps in weight loss and regulates the body sugar levels.

High-water content:

The foods that contain high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, or simply water itself, are very filling for the body. They expand the stomach and keep it full for an extended time which result makes us feel more satisfied and makes us forget our hunger without eating a bundle of unhealthy calories to reduce the hunger.

7 Natural Appetite Suppressants

The natural appetite suppressant is the true solution for hunger issues as they are safe, healthy, and also convenient. Here are some of the best natural appetite suppressants;

Dark chocolate:

People assume that all the diet plans or appetite suppressants are not always pleasurable to eat as they are tasteless and not according to our daily lives foods but dark chocolate is one of the hunger suppressants and no one can say no to chocolate. Many studies have shown that people that eat dark chocolate after eating their meals feel more satisfied with hunger issues than eating milk chocolate as dark chocolate contains a higher content of cacao and no milk solids with less cane sugar.

Suppress Appetite: How to get Less Hungry While on a Keto Diet Bariatric Station

So, eating a piece of dark chocolate after having dinner can help you with hunger and also makes your sweet craving satisfied without even consuming more calories.

Green Tea extract:

Green tea extract is one of the healthiest drinks that help you with weight loss and hunger issues. It contains two core compounds that make it a very beneficial appetite suppressant that is catechins and caffeine that have proved to boost up the metabolism and reduce the appetite feeling. For a better result, try to drink 200- 250 ml of green tea in the morning and evening daily.

Find out more about green Tea and Keto here

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are one of the richest sources of fiber nutrients, which makes them a perfect appetite suppressant. They swell up to eight times their normal size in the stomach, so it gives a feeling of fullness by stretching in the stomach portion. Chia seeds also do not get absorbed in the human body, which means they will move slowly so you will not feel hungry for a longer time.

Yerba mate:

Yerba mate is a plant which often used to make a drink known as a mate. It is best known for its appetite suppressant and energy-boosting characteristics, yerba mate slows down the process of voiding the stomach which prevents us from overeating. You can enjoy the yerba mate in tea form twice a day or you can also consume it in powder or supplement form.


Nuts are an excellent snack type that is both tasty and healthy, almond is one of the best nuts that are very beneficial for suppressing your hunger as they contain high fiber content. They give us a feeling of fullness for a longer time and also many healthy nutrients such as antioxidants, magnesium, and vitamin E which is very good for the body.

You can consume a handful of almonds as a snack to resolve your hunger and mindless eating habit.


Coffee is a very beneficial drink when it comes to appetite issues or weight loss, as it suppresses hunger and causes fat burning. Black coffee is the one that resolves these issues, not the one which is loaded with sugar, milk, and cream, as they can activate your hunger even more and also include excess calories in your body.

Sniff peppermint:

Sniffing peppermint is very weird to hear as we are not consuming it but many Sources have concluded that smelling peppermint can reduce the production of hunger hormones in the body.

Suppress Appetite: How to get Less Hungry While on a Keto Diet Bariatric Station

It is a very different and new way of suppressing your hunger, but it is very beneficial. It is not compulsory to sniff and peppermint you can also have it in form of gum or tea.

Do Appetite Suppressants Work for Weight Loss?

Appetite-suppressant work wonders for weight loss, it is simple when we consume these hunger suppressants which are high in fiber and healthy nutrients, they not only reduce our appetite but also cause us to eat less which ultimately results in weight loss and maintained body.

In many diets such as keto or other diets like paleo, Mediterranean has the appetite suppressant in one way or another, because in such diets the eating portions are very restricted and compact so feeling hungry is a very common thing during these diets, the appetite suppressant especially the natural ones come very handily, being low in unhealthy and fatty nutrients they do not even disturb your diet instead they boost up the metabolism and also your mood while being on a strict diet plan.

Eating Habits for Suppressing your Hunger

If we change some of our eating habits, it can also help us in reducing hunger like:

Drinking enough water:

When we drink almost 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, it makes us fuller and more satisfied than not drinking enough water which ultimately results in less hunger feeling


Many studies have shown that if we exercise before having dinner or any other meal, we feel less hunger as our body produces such hormones which suppress our hunger and make us eat less.

Eating fruit daily:

Eating fruit or more specifically with less carbs, helps us to feel less empty-stomach as fruits contain natural sugars, fibers, and water content which make our body feel more fulfilled.

Spicy foods:

When you eat a spicy meal rather than a mild meal, you eat less the reason behind this is that when we eat food high in spice content, it contains such active ingredients that make us fulfilled quickly

Suppress Appetite: How to get Less Hungry While on a Keto Diet Bariatric Station

Stress reduction:

When we stress more, our body produces hormones that make us do mindless eating as we associate pleasure with food, so stressing less will help you to suppress hunger more easily.

Benefits of Using Appetite Suppressants

There are many benefits of appetite suppressants such as:

  • Less hunger feeling
  • Lower weight gain problems
  • Incorporation of nutritional food into our diet routines.
  • More energy and better mood
  • Balanced blood sugar levels
  • Avoiding the mindless unhealthy eating
  • Keep us full for a longer time which helps us to do our work with more concentration.


Binge or mindless eating is one of the biggest food mistakes that we ever made but natural appetite suppressants help us to avoid this mistake and introduce healthy eating in our lives. Eating these foods is great for your hunger and also for your health concerns.

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