Keto Diet by Day – how to start a keto diet for Beginners

Start a keto diet

Start a keto diet is not the easiest diet for beginners. Since this diet is almost completely carbohydrate-restricted, choosing a variety of protein options is not always easy. However, the main goal of keto lies in the rejection of carbohydrates.

Further in the material, we will find an example of a keto diet by day – detailed menus will help you eat healthy and delicious. We will also tell you about the rules for entering a ketone diet – beginners need to switch to carbohydrate-free in stages.

How to start a keto diet

Keto diet: where to start. Detox
No, no special teas, juices, pills, and tablets. Detox is an invention of marketers, and not your body needs it, but your refrigerators and cabinets. Get rid of any foods that don’t follow the principles of keto. Perhaps you are a person of remarkable will. But in the minutes of keto flu, a person is weak and inclined to eat a package of chips along with the package.

Non-keto (foods to avoid on the keto diet):

  • cereals
  • paste
  • bread
  • sugar, honey, syrups
  • jam
  • biscuits, pastries, cakes, sweets
  • fructose and products on it
  • marshmallows, candy, marmalade
  • vegetable oils, except olive, coconut, avocado oil
  • potatoes
  • sweet soda and zero drinks
  • beer and sweet alcohol
  • processed foods with questionable ingredients, instant foods
  • sweets, bars, lollipops, kozinaki, chips, glazed nuts, and wasabi – that’s all
  • foods for the keto diet
  • There are no cheat meals or chit days on the keto diet
  • Nychki
  • Few know how to throw away food ruthlessly. The fact that in closed packaging can be given to charities that help, for example, the homeless.

Carefully check all possible “mined” places. Besides the obvious cabinets, check out:

Hello, toffee from last year!. If you often travel long distances, find yourself on difficult trails or in the woods, keeping food in your car just in case is a good idea. Let it be dark chocolate (not in summer), nuts, MCT butter or ghee in a sachet, a low-carb bar with a decent composition. Boxes in the office. Very dangerous places. There and “Raffaelo” from the new year, and “Bear in the north,” and even half of “Twix.” All to the dustbin of history!
Jacket pockets. So, here you start the transition to keto in the heat, and then a change in weather conditions, showers, and in the pocket of a raincoat – such a surprise – 100 rubles and a couple of wooden butterscotch.
Stroller pallet. And other “children’s” places. A rare mother doesn’t have “Barney” there, cookies “Baby” and so on from the evil one. Neither you nor your child is good.

Hard-to-reach places. For example, my husband is almost 40 centimeters taller than me. And if something is lost, I first look for it on the refrigerator. This is just the eyes’ level for my husband, but this wonderful world opens only from a stool to me. Think about where the stings – completely random – of your household might be and sweep them there.

How to replace sugar on a keto diet

Keto diet: where to start. Procurement
Now the pristine refrigerator and cabinets need to be loaded with healthy products. You don’t have to buy exotic ingredients right away or fill the shelves. But you don’t have to rely on the fact that you will come to buy everything you need after work. A hungry mind will tempt you with bread and cherries.

To figure out what serving size you need (serving, not calories!) – play the game.

  • keto diet where to start
  • A minimum list of keto products
  • eggs (a lot)
  • butter or ghee
  • olive oil
  • protein source (meat, fish, poultry, seafood)
  • greenery
  • vegetables growing above the ground
  • water
  • salt

The list can be expanded, supplemented, deepened. You can talk about the nuances of melted and creamy, argue about olive, discuss nightshade. Talk about magic bone broth. Lead the pros and cons of keto armored coffee. But the point is simple. For a keto start, you need a minimum.

If you have only greens (salads, spinach, dill, parsley, cilantro, basil) and vegetables growing above the ground (cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, zucchini) as a source of carbohydrates. In that case, you do not need strict calculations. If you eat them with fat, for example, stew in butter or olive oil, there is very little chance of going beyond 20-25 g of carbohydrates per day.

An example of a beginner’s keto menu


  • Two soft-boiled eggs with butter a
  • slice of homemade boiled pork
  • coffee
  • cucumber, dill


  • Sauerkraut salad dressed with olive oil
  • Baked salmon
  • Handful of nuts


  • Pork boiled
  • greens salad with homemade mayonnaise

During the day: water and tea

Fill in the hooks
An important ket rule: on a keto diet, we avoid snacks and usually eat two times a day. Three is permissible, but many even switch to one-time meals.

So, if you just entered the keto path, forget about this rule. No need to strive for two meals a day while the keto-adaptation lasts. For some, it takes a couple of weeks, and for others, several months. You will feel that you do not want to bite. You will understand that you do not need dinner. Until then, if you are hungry, eat. Whole natural fatty foods. Even if you’re hungry 2 hours after your ideal fatty ketogenic breakfast, sit down for a full lunch. There is no such possibility? You can have a bite. Suitable for this purpose:

keto diet where to start

  • coconut manna (for example, this one. And this one is convenient to carry)
    nuts (not peanuts) or urbechi
  • cheese, or even better cheese with butter
  • just butter (tasty butter is tasty. It sounds like “VKontakte quotes,” but it is. If you don’t like butter, most likely it is so-so)
  • fat sour cream/mascarpone (if everything is OK with milk) with a couple of berries
  • bitter chocolate
  • broth (if you have the opportunity to take a thermos with broth with you, even if not bone broth, but well-salted chicken, for example, great)
  • More about snacks on keto gathered here.

List your favorite foods
For some, one of the downsides to keto is that you have to cook. Don’t pour milk on the cereal anymore. Boiling eggs for breakfast isn’t more difficult, though.

The problem with newbies is that they don’t understand what they will eat on the keto diet. Like now without and then a huge list of “food that we have lost.” But in reality, everything is not so scary. Spend half an hour.

Write a list of your favorite foods – at least 20.

    • Then choose the ones that are suitable for the keto diet. For example, meat in French, eggs with mayonnaise, seafood in a creamy sauce, herring with onions.
    • Analyze which dishes are easily transformed into ketogenic ones – rice in dolma is easily replaced with mushrooms, and in stuffed peppers – with fried onions. Potato pancakes can be made with avocado.
    • Cheesecakes – without flour. What do you have left there? Potato? Make kohlrabi fries.
    • Now you can throw in an approximate menu for a week and start eating your favorite food and sometimes modify it to keto standards.
    • Similarly, you can make a list of dishes in cafes and restaurants that you often visit and write alternatives to non-ketarian options.

    Get ready psychologically
    People love stability. Even if you have complained of being overweight and feeling unwell for many years in a row, if everyone around you told you that you need to lose weight/take on yourself / do something, as soon as you start the keto diet, well-wishers will turn into tempters. It turns out that you decided on the changes, but they didn’t. And you for them now are a dumb reproach.

    Of course, you don’t owe anyone anything. This is your body and your health. But it is not easy to come off the team, to be without support. Therefore, it is worth considering in advance the options for answers when you will be tempted with a cake, pie, or pasta. Lying is certainly not good, but “I’m on a diet” usually doesn’t work. But many in the keto community admitted that all questions remove phrases like:

    “It turns out I’m carbohydrate intolerant/carbohydrate allergy.”

    Some who are particularly cocky say they have diabetes even if they don’t. This is a formidable disease. You decide whether you are ready to get such a trump card out of your sleeve. But when the pressure of “sympathizers” in your diet is too great, all means are good.

    You can become a subtle connoisseur of green tea, which cannot be drunk with sweets – this is for those who cannot get away from corporate tea drinking after dinner.

    Think about who in your environment can sabotage your endeavors and write down options for not compromising principles.

    Start a keto diet
    Before switching to a keto diet, a series of tests can be done to monitor progress. Some dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals can facilitate the transition to ketoration, avoid ketogripp, make it softer.

    But the bottom line is that no one has died from keto flu. It lasts for three days. Well, a week at worst. And you can pass most of the tests in the process. You do not participate in a scientific experiment where the accuracy of the “before” and “after” analyzes is important. Do not postpone the transition to ketration until better times. Do not strive to do everything right.

    Do the preparations above, and then start your day and new life with butter eggs and a cup of delicious coffee.

Founder, Certified Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach.

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