Tips on How to Lose 20 Pounds Quickly and Safely

Lose 20 Pounds

What to Eat to Lose 20 Pounds

Obesity and being overweight is one of the leading health problems right now in the world and a huge community of people is suffering from it. It is reported from many scientific types of research that out of every 5 persons, 2 are dealing with this problem which is a huge number. Being fit or at a good body weight is not only important for the body image but more than it is very crucial for the health status of a person because nowadays having a chronic disease is also very common and, in most cases, the root cause behind them is obesity or being overweight.


So, losing weight is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and you can achieve this goal very easily especially when you have full motivation and determination. The following article will help you go through this problem and its solution briefly and also a proper guide of what to eat to lose the extra pounds.

An Effective Way to Lose 20 Pounds

Before getting in what to eat to lose the 20 pounds or other ways, there is one thing that is very effective in losing the stubborn weight that is just to not going away regardless of what you do.

Firstly, the reason behind stuck body weight is that the body itself gets very comfortable at a set weight that is why you do not gain or lose weight anymore and the major cause behind it is insulin resistance. It is a state in which your body cells are not taking the insulin inside the cell which in result cause the insulin to be stored more and more in the body which causes the problem of stubborn body weight.

The most effective way of losing weight is doing intermittent fasting with a low-carb diet plan such as keto. The best period of doing intermittent fasting is 18 hours because doing it for a lesser time than this is not going to make much of an impact. Intermittent fasting and a healthy diet plan will help you to lose 20 pounds in just one month if you do it correctly and precisely.

What to Eat to Lose 20 Pounds of Weight

As it is been established from many medical studies and researches, also personal experience that having a healthy diet plan is more important than having an exercise plan so to lose 20 pounds you first need to focus on what you eat.


So, before planning for a list of healthy and diet foods you first need to understand that what type and quality of food you should eat. The food should be natural, organic, and 100 % grass-fed, and quality-wise it should be of the highest quality. You should avoid foods that are refined, processed, and unnatural because such foods contain higher percentages of unhealthy fats, sugars, and bad carbohydrates which causes weight gain.

Following is a list of foods that you can eat or add to your diet plan to lose 20 pounds of weight:

  • Whole eggs
  • Fatty fish and seafood
  • Chicken breast or with bones
  • Unprocessed red meat
  • Non-starchy and non-sugary sauces and salad dressings
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Non-sugary fruits
  • Healthy dairy products such as butter, ghee, high-fat yogurt, unprocessed cheese.
  • Healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil
  • Green tea and black coffee
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Nut butter
  • Nut-based products

And also excluding foods that are highly processed, packaged, refined, and readymade from the diet plan.

Best Ways to Lose 20 Pounds of Weight in Less Time

With having a healthy diet plan, there are also other ways that you follow for losing the 20 pounds of weight in less time which are:

Taking plenty of sleep

Sleep and weight have a very close relationship, as studies have suggested that if you do not get enough and good sleep then you are more at risk of obesity and weight gain. There are a lot of factors that can cause you this problem, most common of them is that when you do not get good sleep, you get hungrier which let to overweight and also the brain releases such hormones that can cause weight gain.

So, for losing 20 pounds of weight it is very important to take a good and relaxing sleep of 7 to 9 hours regularly.


A 2017 health study has concluded that when you do moderate-intensity exercise or workouts for the long-term, you are more likely to lose a lot of weight and also for weight maintenance. Also, it is very helpful for other health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels.

You should choose the exercises or physical activities that you like and do them regularly to lose extra weight.

Consumption of more fiber

Fiber is a very healthy nutrient that helps a lot in weight loss. You should increase the intake of fiber for losing 20 pounds as it takes a long time to digest and go through the gastrointestinal tract which keeps you full for longer which makes you avoid overeating and food cravings.

You should increase the consumption of more fiber on the diet plan.

Increase your protein intake

Protein is one of the nutrients that are very important when you lose weight. Dietitian recommends increasing protein consumption a sit keep you full for longer and you feel satisfied which help you to eat fewer calories and avoid the carvings easily. More overly, the protein helps you to lose weight and to build muscle mass.

So, add more protein to the diet plan to reduce weight.

Excluding refined carbs

Refined carbs are the major cause of weight gain so when you try to lose the 20 pounds cut down all the refined and processed carbohydrates from the diet plan.

Try to eat more good carbohydrates such as green vegetables for the diet plan.

Up the healthy fat intake

Healthy fats are very nutritional for the body and also work very well for weight loss. We all are well aware that high-fat diets such as keto are one best way to lose weight right now so to lose 20 pounds of weight add more healthy fats to the diet plan. Only include healthy fats, not the ones that are processed or unhealthy for the body.

Maintenance of stress

Stress is one of the major causes of weight gain because when you take stress, your body releases hormones that increase your weight so for losing weight it is very significant to manage the stress and try to calm yourself as much as possible.

How to Burn More Calories without Exercise or Eating Less?

It is often quoted by people who are trying to lose weight that doing exercise is quite hard for them because they either have a tough and busy routine or it is just not compatible with them. They also said that eating less for losing weight makes them more frustrated which lets them gain more weight by taking so much stress and anxiety.


But only if you cannot exercise or do less eating, that does not mean that you cannot lose the weight you want to. Now it is concluded by various studies that in losing weight, exercise is responsible for only 15 % of it while the remaining 85 % is depending upon your diet. So, your main focus should be the diet plan rather than exercising or other things.

There is no certain rule in losing weight that you have to eat less or to starve yourself for losing weight because that is not healthy and also not ideal. The right way is to eat everything in moderation and also to stop eating foods that contain refined and processed nutrients as they contribute to weight gain. Three major macronutrients contribute to the entire body which is protein, carbohydrates, and fats. So, your first step should be consuming these nutrients in that proportion which will help you to lose weight not to gain more.

The best balance that dietitians recommend is to eat carbohydrates in low quantities but the non-starchy vegetables, protein in moderation, and fats in higher percentages, and when you consume meals according to these percentages, it is a surety that you will lose weight as it is proved by many types of research. All these factors are fulfilled by keto diet. Also, the quality of food matters a lot, include foods that are natural, raw, organic, and 100 % grass-fed so that they are free of any preservatives, added sugars, unhealthy fats, and hidden carbohydrates.

Why It is Important to Overcome Obesity?

People often think being at good body weight and losing the extra weight is necessary so that you can protect yourself from the shame and embarrassment that you face being overweight and also that you do not look beautiful which lower your self-eastern and confidence. But that is not the most important part, however, the thing that needs to enlighten here is being smart and healthy has a stronger relation to the medical health of a person rather than body image or outlook.


Overcome obesity is important because if you do not focus on this problem then it can lead you to other chronic and life-threatening diseases such as

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart problems
  • Inflammation
  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol problems
  • Liver and kidney issues

And many more.

If you want to put into one sentence is that obesity can make your life worse than you can ever think. Many health studies and scientific researchers have proven that it is the most common root cause of every health problem directly or indirectly. Because it is true that “we are what we eat” so if you are taking a good diet, so your health will also be good.


Losing 20 pounds is not a big deal if you have the right information and guidance to deal with it. And your main focus should always be your diet like what you are eating, and in what serving portions because that is what matters the most. Once you have that thing under control, losing 20 pounds is going to very easy and also simple. The most easy and rewarding combination is keto diet with intermittent fasting, this remarkable combination can make you lose 20 pounds weight in days.

Founder, Certified Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach.

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