Are You Ready for a Keto Challenge?

Keto Challenge

Have you ever thought of trying a low-carb diet plan for weight loss? The keto challenge is one of the best diet solutions to all of your eating and weight loss problems. This diet plan is characterized by low-carb and high-fat intake, which stimulates the process of fat-burning metabolism in your which is known as ketosis. This diet is mainly used for weight loss, but it also has other numerous benefits such as stabilize sugar level, fast metabolism, better energy levels, etc.

Keto 30 Day Challenge

The keto challenge is a 30-day meaning 1-month diet plan, which contains the standard low-carb and high-fat content with protein in moderation. You will eat the keto meals for proper 4 weeks with a proper exercise routine. Another important thing is to set a goal of how much weight you want to lose or how much weight loss you can achieve through this plan.

Keto Challenge: Are You Ready for a Keto Challenge? Bariatric Station

Some people do not know how to start it or how to guide themselves, the first option is that you can consult a dietitian or family doctor about the procedure or you can choose an online keto guider, there are numerous keto sites available that can customize an excellent keto plan for you according to your requirements and choices.

This challenge is a healthy way to get your desired body weight with only the aid of changing your eating pattern.

Exercise on the Keto Challenge

On a keto challenge, exercise is also a very consistent thing. People think that they are consuming a low-carb diet so doing physical activity is not that much required, but this is not right, if we are not taking enough carbs, we are still consuming a high-fat diet. FsHence, doing exercise is important for the keto diet, more overly it speeds up the process even more, and you lose more weight than estimated.

The recommended way to do physical activities such as walking, jogging, running, cycling, etc., or workouts five times a week during your keto challenge, the other two days will be the no-exercise day.

The basics of this diet challenge?

The basics of the keto challenge mainly are food-related, the foods you will eat and the foods you will avoid on the 30-day diet plan;

Foods to avoid:

  • Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, peas, carrots, etc., and sugary fruits such as apple, mango, banana are restricted on a keto challenge.
  • Legumes, beans, and lentils are not allowed on the diet as they are high in carbs quantity
  • Processed and refined food products such as soda drinks, candies, junk food, candies, etc. are strictly avoided on the challenge
  • High-fat milkshakes, and smoothies are not allowed
  • Condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue, etc. are not added to the diet plan.

Foods to eat:

  • Green and leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, etc., and fruits such as berries and citrus fruits. Meats such as chicken beef, mutton, and omega-3 rich fish varieties
  • Nuts such as almonds, walnut, etc., and seeds such as basil, chia, pumpkin, etc.
  • Drinks include are water, herbal tea, green smoothies with nut-based milk.
  • Condiments such as yellow mustard, pesto, salsa, guacamole.

Learn more about what to eat and what to avoid in a keto diet here

How much weight do people lose on a 30-keto challenge?

The answer to this question is very variable from person to person, as everyone’s body is different and the response to the keto challenge is not the same for everyone. The standard, however, is between 5 to 10 pounds, but it is a very flexible range,

If you do the keto challenge without any kind of loophole and strictly with proper physical exercise, you can lose more than 10 pounds but if you are not following the diet properly or do cheating between the keto meals and the physical exercise is not regular, then you may lose only 2 to 4 pounds.

Keto Challenge: Are You Ready for a Keto Challenge? Bariatric Station

How much weight you will lose depends upon how you are following the keto challenge and how you keep yourself committed to it.

The Challenges You Will Face

Keto challenge is easy if you are committed to it, but it is also very difficult to do as your routine gets completely turned upside down. Of course, it takes time for you and your body to get adapted to a new thing, once you get comfortable with it, you start enjoying the keto challenge very well. Following are the challenges that you will face during your keto challenge:

No tea and coffee

One of the toughest tasks, when you start a keto diet, is to restrict your tea or coffee intake, as it is not allowed on the diet plan. It is a challenge because, in our daily routine, these drinks are a must, we are so habitual to it that starting our day without it does not seem right, and your whole day just feels incomplete. Its better to completely abandon these drinks but you can limit these to one cup a day if you cannot live without it.

The alternative drinks that you can consume during the challenge are herbal tea, nut-based milk, etc.

To be organized:

Keto challenge demands that you should be organized as you have to meal prep all your diet meals before the time of serving because the keto meals need more preparation than your regular meals, you cannot just pick something from your refrigerator and eat it instead you have to do full planning about the keto challenge before headed.

Keto Challenge: Are You Ready for a Keto Challenge? Bariatric Station

The best way to be organized on a keto challenge is to plan everything before the upcoming day.

Low-carb intake:

Carbohydrates are the main nutrient we eat in our daily life, so following a diet that is so low in carbs like only 20 grams per day is very difficult. It is a big challenge to get yourself adapted to this change and to restrict carb-containing foods such as bread, flour, wheat, etc.

To smooth this change, limit your carb intake slowly on the keto challenge.

Keto flu:

When you start a keto challenge, your body goes through a big change, its energy fuel shifts from carbohydrate metabolism to ketosis. So, as result, you experience keto flu which is probably during the first few days and it lasts for at least 3-5 days only. It is a minor sickness that you can overcome by getting good sleep, drinking enough water, add electrolytes to the diet plan, etc.

What is the key to doing this keto challenge?

The key factor to do a keto challenge is to be determined about it and to have a goal related to it. When you start a keto diet, always have a proper plan in your mind and it is more recommended to write everything out.

Then before you start your diet plan, you should have everything in your kitchen related to the keto meals, then to all the preparing before headed. A good tip is to use a daily planner to keep everything sorted and organized. Also, use a keto calculator to calculate all the calories of your food so that you can consume everything in the proper portion and serving size.

Keto Challenge: Are You Ready for a Keto Challenge? Bariatric Station

Setting a goal is also very important more than anything, as it makes you more committed and determines to the challenge like you want to reduce the weight because you are getting married or you want to have a more toned and healthy body status. Your goal encourages you to get yourself ready for the challenge every day and also you know that all this hard work will pay off at the end of the keto challenge.

The Biggest Successes Achieved

The keto challenge is not only a diet plan that helps you reduce weight and get a more fit and toned body but also encourages you to develop more good eating habits and restricts a lot of unhealthy habits. The people who had to follow the keto challenge always get a positive result and achieved big success related to their health and diet. Some of the biggest successes are as follow:

Weight loss goal:

The number one success that people experience through this diet plan is of course their weight loss aims, as the keto challenge mainly focuses on losing stubborn fat. You can easily lose up to 10 pounds of weight in one month which is pretty impressive without doing intense workouts or making yourself starve.

Keto Challenge: Are You Ready for a Keto Challenge? Bariatric Station

Restricting sugar addiction:

One of the best benefits of keto aside from weight loss is the excluding of sugar from your life. Refined and processed sugar is very harmful to a healthy human being and can cause bad impacts on it as the keto diet restricts the intake of unhealthy sugar and sugary products such as soda drinks, candies, bakery items, etc. it breaks your sugar addiction which is very helpful for you.

You also feel more energetic and fresher as you are not consuming this refined sugar which can cause you laziness and fatigue.

A changed routine:

We people often complain about our basic daily routine, so going on a diet like a keto can help you to bring a change in your life. The keto challenge is a very unique and competitive thing that people love to try once their life, it brings a lot of changes like in your eating pattern, more creativity in your cooking, a more planned life, etc.

Better energy levels:

During the keto challenge, you feel more active and energetic, the cause behind it is that fat provides you more energy than carbs which is 9-kilo calories per gram, which is double from carbs. More overly, when you consume good foods, the ones that are healthy and nutritional, and your body automatically feels good and active.


The keto 30-day challenge is an effective and efficient way to solve your weight loss problems without getting you in a lot of chaos, you just simply have to manage your diet plan a little bit and you will be ready to do this challenge. It is a tough diet plan to do but the results will be so satisfying that all your hard work will pay off and you will be very happy with the decision of choosing this challenge.

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