Is Keto Right for You
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Keto is by far one of the diet plans that have taken the attention of people and they considered it to be one of the best for weight loss and other health concerns like balancing the blood sugar levels. Not all people start keto with the guidance of a doctor or dietitian, they just look up on the internet to plan out their keto diet plan, which is also a very good source.


But it is important to know that is keto right for you and is it working for you, which you can be aware of by observing certain symptoms and signs. You have to be cautious about this thing because it will enable you to investigate whether the diet is effective or not.

How the Keto Diet Process?

In the keto diet, you basically reduce the carb intake to only 5 to 10 % per day and increase the fat intake to 65 to 75 % per day, however, the protein intake is in moderation that is 15 to 20 % per day. So, this combination of macronutrients stimulates the body to start a metabolic process known as ketosis to fulfill the requirement of energy for the body.

So, as result, the body uses the extra fat of the body and utilizes it in energy production which results in weight loss and other health benefits. This is the procedure of the keto diet that makes it so effective and efficient in its working.

Is Keto for everyone?

It is not wrong to say that keto is for everyone but some things need to be understood that every person’s body is different, and how its response to something is also not the same. Likewise, the keto diet is for everyone but it does not mean that the results will also be the same, for example, that if 2 people have started the keto diet, but one person loses more weight in a short period and the other one has the results in a longer time. It shows that the keto diet was effective for both of them but the results appeared differently.

So, the keto diet is for everyone but the results can vary from person to person.

Signs that Keto is Right for You

Here are the signs that will keto you know that your body is in the ketosis state, also that this diet plan is right for you and it is working for you:

Weight loss:

The Keto diet is highly effective for weight loss, it is the most positive sign that your body is in a ketosis state and this diet plan is working for you.


In the first week, you will experience a huge drop in body weight due to losing carb and water weight, then after this week, you should strictly follow the diet so that the extra fat burn which results in proper weight loss.

Decreased hunger:

Many scientific studies have shown that the person who follows a keto diet has decreased hunger and suppress appetite after getting adapted to the diet plan so it is one of the signs that keto is working for you.

Better brain functions:

Health studies have suggested that when your body is in a ketosis state, your brain functions get improved and enhanced like increased focus, better memory, high energy levels. Some people experience brain fog or mental tiredness at the start of the diet plan but that is only because the brain is getting habitual with the new energy source that is ketones.

Reduction in fatigue:

When you follow a keto diet, some people think that you will have no energy or you will have more fatigue because you are consuming very few carbs but researches have shown that reduction in fatigue is one of the signs that keto is working and it is because actually, fats have more energy than carbs so you will feel more energetic and active during the diet plan.

Ketones in blood, urine, and breath:

When you follow a keto diet, your body undergoes the process of ketosis which result produces ketones in your blood, urine, and breath. So, if you want to know that this diet is working for you then the best way is to:

  • Check your blood using a specific meter. Or
  • Check your urine using special indicator strips. Or
  • Check your breath using a breath analyzer

You Tried Keto but It Did Not Work. Why?

Some people try keto in a very correct and discipline way but still the diet does not work. There are a couple of reasons for this thing which are:

  • The person is having too frequent meals which means he or she is having a large portion of food servings with two to three snacks which are not letting the diet work.
  • Another cause can be that the person is eating more carbohydrates than recommended not in an unhealthy way but eating more fruits during snack time.

The solution to these problems is very easy and you can adapt them which will let the keto diet plan work.

  • The best way is to do intermittent fasting with the keto diet.
  • Consume a meal only when you feel hungry like if you are not hungry in the morning then just have a cup of coffee with MCT oil in it instead of having a proper meal.
  • Lower the intake of carbohydrates.

The Reasons Why Keto May Not Work for You:

There are no certain strict reasons that keto may not work for you but only some common mistakes that you are doing without knowing, so you consider them and make them right which will cause the diet plan to working for you.

Here are the reasons why keto is not working for you:

  1. Having too many fruits in the diet plan
  2. Having more carbohydrates than 50 grams per day.
  3. You are not considering intermittent fasting
  4. You are not doing it correctly.
  5. Not having proper sleep
  6. Having stress or anxiety issues

Warning Symptoms that you are not doing the Ketogenic Diet the right way

There are some certain warning signs and symptoms that give you the indication that you are not doing it right or there a need that you should consult with your doctor or dietitian and make them aware of these warning symptoms:

You are not losing weight:

Most people adopt a keto diet to lose weight and that is their main goal. The biggest warning sign that the keto diet is not working for you and you should stop it is that you are not losing weight. But there can be quite a reason why it is not happening like you are not doing it correctly or how your body is responding to it. So, you should consult with a dietitian or your doctor so that they can guide you.

Having headaches and nausea repeatedly:

Having headaches and nausea while starting a keto diet, is very common and right to happen as your body is getting around with the fact that your energy source has been changed from carbs to fats but if the headaches or nausea occurs after two weeks or repeatedly then there is a need that you should consult with someone.


Your periods are not regular:

Often when females do a keto diet, their periods can get disturbed but if the periods are irregular for a long time or there is some other issue then you should tell your doctor about this.

You have diarrhea:

Stomach problems are common during the keto diet but if you have severe diarrhea, then you should stop doing the diet and consult with your doctor.

You have no energy:

You should remember that if you are having these symptoms at the very beginning of the diet plan, it is because your body is adapting to the new environment and there is not much to worry about but if you do not feel any energy in your body even after the keto sickness and after two or three weeks of the diet, then you should consult with a doctor or dietitian.


But even if you have these symptoms, there is no need to panic as they can all recovered very easily with the aid of home remedies, medication, or whatever your doctor prescribes.


It is keto right for you or not is a necessary question that you ask yourself before starting the diet or after a couple of weeks because if it is not due to some certain thing, then there is a need to fix that and to continue the diet more correctly.

Otherwise, some signs and indications can make you aware whether the diet is right for you and also your medical conditions like it is not right for you if you are pregnant or you have a kidney problem, .

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