Is Honey and Stevia keto Friendly? Myths and facts about KETO sweeteners

Is honey keto

Is Honey Keto:  I would like to provide you with three excellent articles by Lunden Ilona, ​​the creator of the author’s Cosmodytales Lundenalona and just an amazing girl.

Ilona writes a lot about beauty, a healthy lifestyle. She is simply an example of a man who has achieved tremendous heights with his work and perseverance.

What sets Ilona apart from all fitness or beauty bloggers is that she studies the problem from all sides.


My introduction to her writings began with an article on stevia as a healthy and natural sweetener. The article then caused a huge resonance in the network, as we love and actively use stevia. However, no one tried to delay its real benefits or disadvantages.

Who is interested in this article?

As there is a keto for honey, this article is precious because it is a personal experience I trust. Besides, it is full of our section # Personal Experience Have to be.

Well, I gave up sweets for dessert  An article about honey and its mythological benefits. I will immediately say that I was ready for the article because I had excreted honey from my diet two months ago. Although my grandfather is a wonderful beekeeper, I have connections with honey not only as a sweet dessert but as a sweet memory from childhood of how we pumped honey and I was angry bees. Ran away from the herd.


The article is as detailed and detailed as ever. Enjoy it:

I hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to your comments. There will be something for us to discuss here :).

Dear friends, my blog is my project. I devote much time, and I want to make it a good resource with a healthy lifestyle and exciting and useful information about healthy weight loss.

Basics of Keto Diet: 10 Keto Commands

I wanted to write something on this subject for a long time. One that you can print and take with you. All in all, the basics of the Keto diet in 60 seconds:

Keto Diet Ratio
The basic ratio of macronutrients in the keto diet:

60-75% calories from fat
15-30% of calories come from protein and
5-10% calories from pure carbohydrate
How to start a keto diet
I will talk about this separately while you get rid of carbs, starch, grains, and sugar from food and your head so far. Absolutely.


See the list of foods for the Keto diet.

Start by reducing your dietary carbs (total carbs without fiber) to 20-30 grams per day. Do not be afraid to reduce carbohydrates. It is better to remove all your regular carbohydrates from the diet altogether. 20-30 grams of pure carbohydrate per day can persist in ketosis. The 50 carbohydrate limit is also suitable for some, but it is better to slowly and slowly increase it. Over time, you will get a carbohydrate limit that allows you to remain in ketosis.

Also, please read about my hit, 11 Secrets to Starting the Keto Diet Successfully.

We eat protein and love
Keep your protein intake moderate, but don’t be hungry, don’t be afraid of protein. Try to ensure that protein-rich foods, quality meat, or fish are in the diet every day. If your protein intake is deficient, then problems like hair loss will start.

Adding good fat
We increase the ratio of calories from healthy fats on keto. We eat butter, fry in ghee, bacon fat, lard, coconut. Add extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil to the salad. It is fat that gives us long-term satiety. Do not consume sunflower, flaxseed, or other pomegranate oil. And no margarine, trans fat, hydrogenated fat.

We don’t eat anything
If your pure carbohydrates range is too low (20 grams or less), avoid eating fruits and sweets. It is easy to overheat keto baked goods, nuts, cheese. Avoid them at the beginning of the keto diet or at least eat less.

Don’t eat sweets
We do not eat sugar and all its variants. Is honey a keto, agave syrup, sugarcane sugar, coconut sugar, glucose, dextrose, etc.? Sometimes we use sweeteners: stevia, erythritol. But not at the beginning of the diet, to be sure. I have not eaten anything sweet for nine months. Any erythritol stevia, and you can, I’m sure.

How and when can honey be consumed on a ketogenic diet?

Honey is composed of two sugar molecules. One spoonful of honey contains 64 calories and 17 grams of pure carbohydrates.

It has been proven that raw honey provides significant health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  1.  maintaining a healthy weight
  2.  providing a powerful energy source
  3.  increasing antioxidants
  4.  promoting a restful night’s sleep
  5.  Healing wounds, antibacterial effects, and help prevent the possibility of diabetes.


It, unfortunately, contains too many carbohydrates and natural sugar. The only way to make it part of the keto diet is as follows:

  • Eat a targeted ketogenic diet and eat honey before or after your workout.
  • It is a type of keto diet designed for more active people who need more carbohydrates. It gives 20 to 50 grams of extra carbs an hour before or after a workout.
  • Eat a cyclic ketogenic diet and consume honey during your carbohydrate days.
  • This is another form of diet that suggests sticking to the standard ketogenic diet for five days and “carbohydrate” for 1-2 days. This means that 24 to 48 hours a week, you eat a low-calorie, high-carb diet to replenish the glycogen store by 400 to 600 grams completely. However, this diet is only recommended for athletes.
  • Your carbohydrate intake does not exceed 50 grams throughout the day, including honey.

Raw honey is a thick, golden liquid that is a pure, natural sweetener made by bees from nectar in specific colors. Amrit is a sweet juice, once taken from a flower, which accumulates in a bee’s stomach.

When it comes to comparing raw honey with sugarcane sugar, there are several factors to consider.

To digest honey, our body does not need as many resources as sugar does. Sucrose (sugar) consists of two molecules, glucose, and fructose. Before our body can use them as energy, it must break these molecules into pieces using enzymes. However, with honey, things are a bit different. When bees store honey in their stomachs, a particular enzyme is added to the nectar that separates the two molecules.

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